Liana Zavo

Founder, CEO, Publicist, Personal Branding Expert, Online Reputation Management Strategist, Global Speaker & Author

Who is Liana Zavo?

Liana Zavo 

Founder, CEO & PR Executive 

Liana Zavo is a highly accomplished PR executive, global speaker, female advocate, Forbes thought leader and CEO of ZavoMedia PR Group. With over a decade of experience in the field of public relations, Liana has established herself as a prominent publicist in the corporate industry. She helps NPO's, startups, and small to midsize businesses gain recognition, visibility, credibility and profitability in their respected industries.

Her passion for strategic communication, branding, and media relations has driven her to help numerous founders and organizations achieve their goals and elevate their businesses nationwide and globally. As the CEO of ZavoMedia PR Group, Liana leads a team of dedicated professionals in New York City and 12 countries to create and execute innovative PR campaigns and strategic partnerships.

Liana is bridging the gap for founders and
organizations by helping their companies become recognized in the American market. This helps grow their portfolio to attract investors. Her expertise lies in developing effective strategies and narratives that enhance brand visibility, manage reputations, and drive business growth.

Liana's keen understanding of the media landscape allows her to build strong relationships with journalists, securing valuable press coverage for her clients. Beyond her role as a publicist, Liana is a respected thought leader and speaker. She has shared her insights and expertise at various industry events and conferences, empowering audiences with her knowledge of PR strategies, personal branding, and leadership.

Liana Zavo's commitment to empowering women in the business world is evident in her work. She advocates for diversity, inclusivity, and equal opportunities, inspiring other women to achieve their fullest potential. Her dedication to mentorship and community building has earned her recognition and respect within the industry. With a strong drive for success and a genuine passion for her work, Liana Zavo continues to make a significant impact in the world of public relations.

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